Submissive Fate

Every little thing

Is breaking down

Standing Infront

Of my self created dam

The cracks begin

To break

The water pushing


What more am I to do

I’ve stood here forever

Putting my fingers in

All the holes that

Sprung a leak

What am I to do

With the blood on

My hands

I’m holding up

My hands

I surrender

Falling into your

Chest again

I see you taking

On water

Being a martyr

No one loves you

The way you

Need it to be

Presented to you

Go to the closet

And pick out my


Tell me it’s me

You’ve been

Sending down below

I’ll kneel before you

In an ever loving glow

I’ll look up to you

If it’s you who won’t let me go

All I want is to open

My eyes and it finally be you

Open my thighs and beg

To push on through

Heart beats blending

What more do you want me to do

Stay here and wonder

What she’s done to you

If you wear a suit

It must be to be my master

Time goes by

But your imagery

Cums faster

If I worked harder

On what binds me to you

Would you open my mind

And let me cum on through

Could you open up my Life

And show me it’s missing you

No matter what way I go

I look left to right

No matter what way I look

I see you in my delight

All I want

All I want

Can you see me on

The floor

All I want

All I want

Is to tell me you

Want moore

All I want

All I want

Is explanation

Of the truth

While I lye there awake

Comforting your Muse

While you lye there awake

I’ll finally submit to

Your rotten core



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