Far Fetched

I wanted you to keep up

Now you’re far behind

And I’m a myth in your mind

Far fetched these things I do

The truth is my embodiment now

I am human I slip up and fail

My awareness is helping me

Break free — ask myself

Why did I do that

Retrain my brain

It’s the only thing

You are not worthless

Nothing is wrong with you

If you called I’d remind you

Just how be-you-tiful you are

Far fetched the whole story seems

Tag you and tag me

Look all the way back

Further through the trees

To the beginning of creation

There is what we miss

The union of oneself

The unconditional love

I have to pay with my soul here

I wanted you to stay

So when I kept evolving

You wouldn’t run away

Every time you meet me

It’s a new one coming up

Now it’s been so long

I don’t know who you are

Your heart beats the same

I feel it in my chest

Are you wondering why

Your ears are ringing?

Why you daydream of us singing?

I am not calling to you

It’s been you pulling in me

This whole time

Couldn’t cut the cord if I tried

I’m sorry you’re so miserable inside

No one to turn to

This is where you go in

Go find him

Connect to your divinity

Your creator

Connect to the love

You fantasize about

It’s in you

I know

It’s in me

I feel your heartbeat

You can never leave me

We’ve been separated for a long time

This time I promise is the last time

Remember what you came here for

Remember who you are

Far fetched — please don’t believe

Tap into the right brain

That is where I can sing

Release me from your 

Guilt and your shame

There is no one to blame

Just quit hurting the heart

You love to mend

Remember my eyes and

Know I’m not far fetched

This time

Remember me so we can

Go home this time






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