Flirting with Awakening

Is that what

I was doing the

Whole time

Flirting with destiny

Twiddling my

Thumbs with

The Divine

Flirting with awakening

I am the currency on

The line — I am

A poker game I can’t

Remember which

Card is mine —

Ace of spades

Must be my feast

To dine

I’ve done it again

Awoken myself

To the divine within

She must be feminine

To be so forgivin’

Must be a women

To put up with

What I’m livin

Here I am closin

My eyes right in front

Of her — playing peek a boo

With the one who wouldn’t

Desert me or you —

I can’t comprehend

How compassionate

This energy is

It triggers my


My inner child

Needs to confess

Must be a women

I must have to defend

Must be a women

I tuck in my pocket

keep her chained within



Minds eye open

My heart rushes

To the truth

I can’t keep up

My human side

Has kept me

Going in this loop

Flesh filled divide

I’m wearing a mask

Not hard to hide

Divine is here

Everything breaking inside

Spiritual guides around me

I need to call —- confide

This loneliness — an illusion

Let it die — surrender



To the divine

You can flirt forever

Her demeanor

Is so kind

Flirting with awakening

I’ve been holding

Space for you

this whole time

Come to me with

This truth you have

Let me settle in

Dine on what is mine

Finish the story

Of the fruit

On the vine

Will we bite

Or pretend this

Is all that we need

Curiosity is the catalyst

In every awakening

No superstition when

I’m convinced your

The whole my soul

Doesn’t want to live without

I’m flirting with awakening myself

Transmuting the energy

We used to doubt

Writing this out


What more can I do

Then trust the divine

In me that lives in you

Waiting to hear a voice so pure

What more could I ask for

Then the patience of the divine

The compassion that has led me

To realize I am Mine




9:38 pm

September 25th 2021

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