Sound of Creation

This is where

We come from

What octave is creation

Before it was spoke

Whose heart were we living in

What harmony do we come from

And all yearn to go back

Has that been the distraction all along

The constant knock at the back of my

Head wondering who or where you are

Is it me who fell so far down

Is it me who can’t look up and see

I’m the one who pushed you away from me

Now I travel sound to come back home

To where I know I should be

Thank you for showing me

I have felt the Mi – Fa bridge


The sound is calling me back

It travels through my body

Where no one has

No one but music

Has the key to these mysteries

Unravel it in a poem

Doodle it in a work space

Can’t hide forever

It’s blowing open my hearts case

I still feel compulsive

Pulling on a line connected to you

Throwing down a line

What more should I do

Surrender to the sound

Trying to break through

Open your hips

It will find it’s way through

Combine what everyone is

Trying to say

The answer is in the sound

The answer is in the sound

The answer is in the sound




Don’t worry the lyrics will come


June 15th 2022

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