Music is a love language

This has been

My truth all along

Hear the guitar strum

And the drumbeat

flow me along

Here I stand seeing

Every guitarist I possibly can

Piece by piece my soul I can surely mend

How I’ve missed you music

So sweet of you to let me come back

I’ve been away from home for so long

Thought you’d be mad I wandered too far

Thought maybe I wouldn’t come back

I forgot a lot — I think that’s why

it’s taking me so long— but here we are

you smilin at me — singing me a song

Welcoming me home again — peacefully

Music is my love language

Please never take me away

It is my oxygen on this place

A direct line to my home planet

My origin I won’t erase

When I’ve arrived to my true home

There will be music everywhere

As I wake up he’s already strumming

The guitar — as I walk out to grab my tea

The band will already be setting up in

The studio — this is my true home

My family of souls — creating together

we travel around – And remind everyone

they are not alone —————————-

Earth is temporary I’ve heard it portrayed

That way before — but I am forever so

This is what I choose — to receive all of me

Speak in my true language the one that

Connects me back to my home

Welcome me softly and know I will never

Leave you again if you confess to be my home

I’ve been told forever Earth is where I roam

But when I met you I never felt so deeply alone

My heart made sounds I didn’t

know were allowed -close my eyes – too profound

You know something of my origin I don’t



We danced like we were children

Ignorant to our time together

I don’t think you ever understood

How special it truly was for us to

Be standing eye to eye

You’ve loved all your distractions

As have I but here I am tired of these

Years you’ve been so far away

Keeping all your magic from me I can admit

I told myself to stay away from you

I don’t want to hurt my only friend

I’m sick honey … you called it rotten within

I’m tired friend … come see me again

Music is my love language

It will let you in

Play me something that will

Vibrate the poison within

Play from our soul and let me live within

Music is my love language

And our saving grace



November 21st 2021

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