Casualty of Karma

Call me an

Innocent bystander

But know I am

Your casualty of war



When you find yourself

Asking how you could

Twist and turn us into

This way

Let me go

I am just a casualty of war



I have nothing to prove

Nothing to give

I bear no fruit

For this war I am

Tangled up in

Sacrificed myself

To continue

My role

This is my way

You have to let me go

I’ve burned both candles

String burnt the ends

You cannot pull on me

I won’t let you through


No more false promises

No more obstructions

The biggest task of

This invisible life was

Telling you the truth

As much as I could

As much as I could see

It doesn’t matter

You always call me



Always wonder

Why you wanna talk to me ?

Always wonder where you

Store your love for me?


Let your heart rest

In the nest you choose

As your home

Let my heart rest

As you have a long way

To consider yourself grown


Please don’t send me sadness

I won’t process it for you

Don’t zone out & think of

Those free days when I chose you


Karma has come

That is all that this is

So kill me please

Cause the answers

Are all that I have

I won’t let you cheat

This test no matter

How deep these strings

Go within


I am always waving

Smiling happily at you


Tell me it’s okay

To look away

This isn’t what I wanted

never feel alone

I’ve always opened

The door

Just except me as

I am


Casualty of war

2:54 PM


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