I Wanna Know You Better

This song keeps Repeating on my Playlist “I miss you more than I remember you” It echos hauntingly In a familiar frequency Heart pounds With a beat that Pounds your name I deny you and it Pounds deeper A magnetic pull I’ve tried so long To run from Documenting my Findings over the years Writing... Continue Reading →

Close Your Eyes ———————To See Me

That is what I say Every fear All the worlds Melt away All that’s left Is what the soul is made Close your eyes to See me again Channel the energy Through me So we can finally rest Breathe into me with our relief Tare the collar off my neck I’ll surrender to just this... Continue Reading →

Keeper of the Akashic

She’s a seer They say Twirling Her prophetic ways Helping others As she breathes Through her day Writing & scrying This world so delighted Has the truth finally come Age of Aquarius Here to make A sound She’s a seer They say Looking at your blocks Picking out the rocks Others have placed in you... Continue Reading →

I’ll Meet You In The Dark

And so the Inevitable Has found me Settled in my chest You come alive in me Dissipate as the doubt Sets in — too much Distance Blame our lonely fears I believe this time Is The End Inevitable it seems To keep this Red string tied to me Look at it I see you I... Continue Reading →

Wherever I Go

I need you To know When they tell me To go That I am happy . . . I need you To know When they Say I can Come home That I was Ready Long before They called . . . I need you to Know I went With a smile On my face .... Continue Reading →

Love Is All That I Have

Tucking down Into our Safe space In my head I surrender Lay my head On your chest Let go of this Bender Nothing more Or less comes To mind of ways I’m going to bend her I’m shaken awake To my reality Without her I tuck her away And sacrifice Myself another day Love is... Continue Reading →

Is that really You?

Gaslighting yourself To stay in a place You don’t belong Confiding to no one The place you truly Call home Masquerading as someone Unknown Is this you Is this me I feel a pull on me Only comes from one place I feel an emptiness in myself Only filled by one face Would it matter... Continue Reading →


It was never about Rejecting you More of feeling Unworthy More of protecting You from the unhealed Parts of me I saw in my head What I wanted to offer But I could not Embody that at the time So bread crumbs Of what is divine What is rightfully mine Sprinkled through the years I... Continue Reading →

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