The End

Lifetime after lifetime

I don’t want my heart to

Break anymore

I don’t want to look out

Of my front door

And look for you


Every crowd I move through

I can’t help but look for you

Every guitar

I see you playing infront of me

This life is set up perfect for a reunion

The beginning reads like my favorite

Story — how has the world taken

You so far away — how could it be

My favorite part of you is chained

To the wrong epiphany

Karma is so deep

This is the worst I’ve ever seen

Lifetime after lifetime

This is the last time

This is why I sound manic when

You swoop in and come to town

We were always running out of time

But now I know why

This is my last incarnation

My dear friend

This is the last time

I’ll see your face in human

Form my oldest friend

I understand now why you

Are so deeply precious to me

How I struggled to others

Who you are to me

My smile was so big

Just when I said your name

Just in your introduction

And my deep exhale

I gave it all away

Lifetime after lifetime

We finally made it here

Growing up so close

Phone lines intertwining us

Giving me a friendly ghost

You are the one I love the most

I’ve tried a million times to

Kill you in this life

Not sure how many others

I just know this is the last one

I know it to be true

I found out the secrets to let

Me leave this wheel of karma behind

All these tattooed reminders of

How to live — who is helping

And who will be there when I take

My last breath

I’ll still look really young

But I still have so much to do

I keep hoping you’ll find your true

But my heart feels like it’s caving in

When I think of you

I’m suffocating holding on to

Your truth — if this is who

You want to be

Then I hope you know

I love you enough to let you be

Feel free to watch me

Float through the rest of my life

Effortlessly — being the healer

You used to dream to be

Never overcoming your loneliness

Settling for vices and false friends

False family and conditional love

While feeling obligated to provide

For what I told you God would

Bestow on you from above

Wrapped up in others agendas

I can’t imagine the false hood

You live your life in

I tried to cut this cord

But the truth is where I end

Remember I know everything

So I know why you cut me out

Remember I know who you

Really are when your false flags

Let you down

You can show up in my life

At anytime I could never make

You feel alone — my disappearance

Is enough for you to know

You aren’t living in your home

I never wanted to leave you

But protecting me is a must

A ball you dropped too many times

To go fill your heart with lust

These are your lessons to learn

Forgiveness to speak

Surrender to your creator

Whoever you choose to seek

I’m sure my kindness seems

Too good to be true

One day when you remember

The unconditional love

I left inside of you

Activated we both knew

Separated was the only way

To find our truth

Lifetime after lifetime

I’ve come back for you

But this is the last time

I barely made it on my own

I was so tired when I met you

In macomb — my loved ones

Poisoning me — weighing down

My heart of stone — you broke me

Open by just being you

I didn’t need your money

Just laid there with your heartbeat

Fit into you like a piece that need no glue

I’ve searched everywhere for that same fit

Married someone who told me I was his piece

Laid there like the truth couldn’t compete

Lifetime after lifetime these hints

Come to find me — find you

I can’t spend anymore time

Treasure mapping you

If you want to forget

Then forget you shall

Watch me dissipate

As I step inside the crowd

When I’m gone

Know that you were always

The first boy I loved

That other boy had nothing on you

Never even touched you

I paid my karma to him

While staying away from yours

Just know when you take your

Last breath I’ll be waiting behind

Creators doors — I’ll welcome you home

Back into my arms — it will feel like

We never left each other since

Time is an illusion of its own

Don’t cry my friend — we’re running

Out of time — I’m 31 now and I

Know my end — lifetime after lifetime

This world will ask you to bend

Break me until I am the ghost

Who only lives within — if this is what

You choose I swear to God I will

Always love you — lifetime after lifetime

I will always be your muse

Write for me as I write for you

Sing for me and I’ll sing back to you

Kiss me and I’ll live again

Death I’ll have no choice but to refuse

Lifetime after lifetime

I will be your muse

Lifetime after lifetime

We will never lose



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