Asirun…I ponder too much 

I got this Kansas City life going for me right now. 

New people…

New places…

Something my soul feeds off of. Waking up and not knowing my way to work is an adventure everyday. I see new things yet in the past two months I have felt I’ve had no time to embrace what is fully around me. I took a full time position that takes up 90% of my week. I invest so many hours in someone else’s dream it’s beginning to get to me. I go home and I stretch my thoughts away with poses and tell myself everything will be okay. 

It is a stepping stone. 

It is apart of my path 

I am supposed to be on…

These are the conversations I have with myself. While I stretch and write my frustrations away. I write to remember and I write hoping someone else out there feels the way I do. I am helping them or they are helping me I haven’t figured it out yet. So I keep going I keep pushing on hoping the doors will continue to open.

This is my therapy…

As I run…

I rite 


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  1. I feel the exact same way; that urge for adventure… a purpose. Everything you go through in life is a stepping stone in your path the Universe has outlined in your favor. And the moment you get that breathtaking moment you’ve been waiting for, you get caught up in trying to make it last as long as possible because it’s what your soul desires. I get it. And then, you feel like you’re living someone else’s dream because your soul isn’t living to its full potential in reaching your personal legend. At least, this is how I feel about the whole thing. All I have to remember is that ” we are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience.” So, in other words, I also keep pushing on hoping the doors will open, and someday that one door will lead to the answer I’ve been looking for.

      1. Oh, no problem! Every word you said was absolutely incredible. And it’s so nice to see that I’m not alone. I’m so glad I tuned into your broadcast! I hope to see you soon!

      2. I am so glad I am not alone. None of us are but sometimes it’s hard to not feel that way. That is why I write out loud to the world. I just want to help with my time on Earth. Tune in as much as you want. I love your feedback on anything. I’ll be sure to call you out when I see you join the broadcast!

  2. You’re so right. We are never alone. We just feel like we are because of our environments and the people we surround ourself with, but it’s our job to change that. And while we help ourselves, we shall also help others along the way. As within, so with out! What we feel inside, is affected by what we see outside, and what we see outside is determined on how we feel inside. I will make sure to keep an eye out looking for your broadcasts!

    1. Do you do any broadcasting? Because you should. I love every reply you have. I could save all of these beautiful words for my worst day and they could lift me up. Helping eachother is what we have to do. We re all the same one way or another even though we re all so different at the same time. We re humans who need help and need love. Anti-idols and idols are all around us. It just depends if you are the person who can be told the stove is hot and not touch it or you have to put your hand on it to find out for yourself. I’ve always put my hand on the stove.

      1. Yes, I’ve done some broadcasting. I am planning on doing a lot more though. I love your writing, too! That’s what drew me to you! And the way you recognized my way of thinking on Periscope! And we are all one. No matter how different our journeys on this plane and in this dimension are, we all have the same goal: learning. Learning from each other as well as from what the Universe has in store for us. We all learn differently, but that’s a beauty within itself. If we lived in a world where no one did help each other, there would not be an “us.” We wouldn’t keep the human kind being kind, therefore, we would all live in complete arrogance and not have the ability to recognize new ideas. We couldn’t keep living, in other words. This is just how I see it though; you could see it in a totally different perspective, and that’s perfectly fine. I know how it is to shut down from the world, burn bridges with people, and for what? Nothing. I could have lived a better life had I known that the world is a unique place where simplicity has the power to make everything beautiful. One simple word, smell, or touch can easily ignite a sense of grounding and love. We must first learn to love ourselves. That’s the first step into each of our journeys. And once we uncover that love, it’s our job to open our hearts to others and extend the sure feeling that everything will be okay, because it will. Even if you learn the hard way.

      2. Learning the hard way builds character for sure from what I have found. There are so many times I’ve looked back and thought ” gosh if I’d only known this sooner” but this adventure is our own to learn and share if we so choose to. Writing things down always gets it in a better perspective for me. Branching out and meeting people like you makes me believe I’m doing something right. Putting yourself out there in a world like this is very touchy! But we always find someone to lead us through. Even if we don’t realize it. Your words are perfect Rachel.

  3. Thank you so much, Chyly. What you have said to me, means the entire world to me. This is my first time actually opening up and writing my thoughts to the world. It’s a new and awesome experience, thanks to you. You couldn’t be more right; we all have a person or two to lead us through, even if we are in complete oblivion.

    1. This website was my introduction to the world. I needed a way to connect with the world and I wasn’t going to do it always hiding in my notebook. So I can understand the anxiety that comes with the possible backlash from trying to show the world who you are. It’s scary but so relieving when you meet someone who got something from your writing! Keep it up and don’t let the world get you down. It’s a rollercoaster but definitely a fun ride!

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