Literally Forgot I Was Human

Here I am

Standing infront

Of the music again

Swaying and laying down

What doesn’t serve me

This bond will never end



Incubus took me away this time

Took me to places that take me

Back to me

Aligned with the universe

You and me is what I see

Stellar — can you believe

Hypnotized by the frequency

I know you can hear me

Sing along with the crowd

Put my hands up to show my

Gratitude — this feeling is

So profound

“How do you do it “

“Make me feel like I do”

The rush is worth searching for

Cosmic — out of this world

I literally forgot I was human

Swaying in that space

I kept looking up to see his face

Takes me to so many memories

I know you lack

Here I am the keeper of

These tales

Struggling to honor

My whole reality

while we

Pick and choose

What part of our story

We can and cannot tell

Standing In front of the music

Here I am to yell



Literally forgot I was human

Dancing with my first love

Music again

Take me to the place I know

I’m meant to be

Close my eyes and sway with me

Hands up high this is praying to me

Bring good vibes that’s all that remains

Give into your heart

The light is calling within

Dig Dig Dig

You will turn into another

To find yourself again


2:46 pm

October 8th 2021

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