Listen with your heart

You will understand

Sang the grandmother tree

These chord progressions

Speak to me

I am open

My heart is opening to thee

No choice but to channel


My heart is telling me the truths

Of the past

The lessons of the present

And insight of the future

I need silence to listen

This madness surrounds

Need to come down


Only in the silence

Can I balance myself again

I am no guru

No yogi

Just a drifter from the

Main land

I’ve tried to stay so many times

But the wandering

Is where I land

I gave her up once

But never again

This is where I stand

No more is my peace

A bartering chip

I leave this table

Of people who

Really aren’t the definition

Of a friend

No more will I allow myself

To be co dependent

On this divide I’ve refused

To mend

I am done being your bend

I know who I am

And who you are too

Know why we came together

And why we must separate

To fill these truths within

A new phase

A true life

My authentic self

Finally standing up

Rising within

I feel you opening up

I wish it was as easy as

A phone call used to be

Wish it felt so breezy

Like it’s the old you and me

We have changed

And it’s for the better after all

No need to fear me

I’ve loved you through it all

Whoever God is to you

That is the love that is coming through

When you see me you are truly

Finding you —

When you see me

Just look into my eyes

There sits your truth

I am high above the skies

Listen with your heart

You will understand

Until you fully love yourself

I am not allowed to come in

My hands are tied and not the

Way I want them but these

Deflected topics must find their end

Find your truths

And settle your divide within

Meet me in my evolution

Where there is no end

Or stay away forever

And miss your only friend


April 12th 2022

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