Does it drive

You insane

To be so

Mundane ?

It breaks my


To know

You fall


Without me

You are

Be you


Did you forget?

Lose a bet?



Like a Wikipedia


Did you try

With all

Your might?



Easier to deny me?


I’ve denied you.

Confided in you

Then turn

Around and

Lied to you.

Makes me sick

I poisoned you

At least I came back

To fill the void

I knew I could fill

In you.

At least I came back

To realize what I had done

To you

Dear friend.

You didn’t.

You are lost

In your own mind

A place you won’t let

Me confine.

I can’t save you

I’m tired of feeling

Like I can.

If I saw you I

Know I’d be your

Oxygen again

You’d remember

You do love me

Just then

Mind blown

One more time

You’d be mine

If I let you

But I can breath

On my own

I don’t need you

And I don’t need him

I can’t believe I’m

Saying this

But I am full




With my husband

On this time

That is not mine

Taken for Granted

I have ended

That cycle

I am not mine

I am waiting for you

Come sit with me

Cross legged


Show me what

you’ve done

Tell me what

You hide from


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