I am you friend

Moments of clarity

Are not peaceful

They are painful

Realizations of

What you’ve done

To yourself and

Everyone you





The epiphany

Comes when

It’s too late

To make amends

If that’s the case



Wish them well



Thank them

For reaching out



If misunderstandings

& bold face lies only

Come from

their perspective




Wish them well



Maybe someday

You’ll get your

Side of the

Story to tell



Until then

Walk kind

As much as

You can



It is so hard

To be nice

In a world

Where community

Is the last on

Everyone’s mind



You go out with

Good intention

And a nasty

Energy greets

You everywhere

You go



Be kind to yourself

And to everyone

You know



It’s still my


Not to act

Like God

& judge




This world

Makes it

So easy

To hate

each other



Can we remember

We re all connected

All one



Can you believe

That age



Or race

Is the catalyst

To it all



The evolution

We have stunted

Yet feel like

We have surpassed

Them all



Ancient civilizations

Knew more than we

And here we sit acting

High class digging

Up their remains



This will all end

The money

My friend



Find your loved ones

Let them know

You were blind

The seed couldn’t sew

With such hate

Living between

Love that should grow



This is not

Our time

My friends

We are living

In The End




If an epiphany

Should happen

To find you

Just know that

God is trying to

Talk to you



Open you up

Far past your

Bestowed parental


He is coming

To tell you

Your apart of

The change



Do you feel alone?

Werewolf and stoned?

Can you remember this

Body is just loaned?



Find yourself


Look in the mirror

Don’t pity


For seeing the truth



We re all ugly

Until we face the truth

But we face our demons

To show everyone the truth

This is me

I am just like you.

8:18 PM June 15

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