I Watched You Change

When the day comes

You set your pride aside

I have the opportunity for you

When you’ve caught up to your ego

And put a collar around him

I have what you need

What you’ve been longing for

All these years

The music you want to make

Is finally here

The space we needed

Closes in to show the destiny

When karma is transmuted from sin

From the lies we harbor within

Let us win

And make our truths spin

Put these truths on vinyl

The project will go viral

You will finally attain every

Dream you’ve ever had

I’ll get you everything you want

Set you up for the long road ahead

And when it is my time

I will bow my head to you

My dearest friend

I can see your truth

Slipping out of you

Like an overflowing desire

Sooner or later

You’re heart will catch on fire

I could be the extinguisher

But you didn’t even want me

As your defibrillator

I have pain when I see these things

So all I have left before I go

Is to write you what I see

On this ink stained internet

Maybe it will save you after

I exit this place

Sad I have to disappear

Just to see your face

Close your eyes

And remember everything

July 2nd 2022

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