Father to Son

You should go to him

Go to him before he’s gone

Have him tell you the story of him

Heart beating with limited time

No one sees

Even he … invisible widow maker

Go to him

Let him open up his truths

His regrets

If you need him to release you

You don’t have much time

If you need your fathers approval

He will tell you it’s up to you

He will offer comparative stories

From your childhood and how

“They got through it”

But understand you are not them

You did not come to do the exact same

They kept music to give it to you kids

They sacrificed because the dream is

Passed to you

Your talent in a saturated market makes you

Feel less — dig deeper and find you

Aren’t aligned but you have every tool

Go and find your way

You are not done yet

He tells me it is up to you

Follow your heart my son

Feel the joy

I am never gone

Always with you

I am proud always

But do not settle

I cannot make the decision for you

Please remember you are you

And not me

Live my son

Feel the wind on your face again

Find balance

Feel the music

And touch your soul

Release yourself from

your own mind

You are meant for more

Follow your heart



Go to him

This is coming

from up above



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