I lost her

I couldn’t smell

Could barely see

Blinded by the person

They named me

No music

Just beats

No chakras

Only poisoned treats



Wondering how I

Got here again

This is all a lie

These things we buy

Hair dry

Thoughts mundane

My memory tainted

By the envy that remains

You lay her and sigh

Because you know I know

The reasons why.

You did not break me


I can’t leave I’m glued

Till the end.

My choice?

Do you have one?

If so tell me how it is done.

You think I want this?

I am the provocation?

You must be so damn blind

Keep blowing in misery

Until one day you ll squirm


As I lay so calm

Patiently waiting

Like I have been all along

For you to be yourself

These are my last truths

I have decided to pass to you

When it gets dark and you are alone

Like you always are in your mind

Let them guide you to your truth

The pew is not for you

But you’ve already unbound

That truth.

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