Sun & Moon

“I watch how the moon
Sits in the sky in the dark night
Shining with the light from the sun
And the sun doesn’t give light to the moon assuming — The moon’s going to owe it one”

– Linkin Park – place for my head




I tattooed the sun on my left finger

While the moon sits on the right

As they match the hemispheres

Of my receiver — they wrap

To the definition of contralateral

With the masculine & feminine body

With the alternating breath work

I heal my soul with & confide

Wrap themselves like DNA

Intertwine like kundalini

Shooting up my spine

I am a receiver

I choose to receive

& I choose to see

When my hands “come together”

In gratitude and prayer

This is the true me

It’s the closest visual I have

Of the union within I crave

I am heading home

Tattooing these reminders

To get me through these vices

Healing myself within

Ignoring the time

Running down like sand

I am at peace with dying

I know my purpose now

Know what I must do

Before My head hits the ground

Don’t cry for me

Celebrate these truths

I was able to see

Remember yet

You’re the one who showed me

Who I was destined to be

The humility I aimed to see

The kind soul you showed me

I know you thought

And think of me

But union is coming

Inside of me

I am merging with

My soul who is we

There is no tit for tat

When it comes to these two

There is little karma

That touching vigorously

Will help break two through

So much understanding

In such a dark world

So many wrong teachings

How long has my silence

Wanted to be heard

I swim in loneliness

When I choose

Then I put my hands together


I am the true muse

I will continue

On my path

No vices hold me back

I will continue with my

Truth — don’t worry

I won’t be looking back

Put your hands together

Clasp them over your heart

When you ask for my forgiveness

Know I’ve already sent it

A piercing loving dart

Safe keeping far above

I put my hands together

To see my union in 3D

I put my hands together

And tuck you into me



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