A Poem Left Unfinished

So impressed

But so depressed

Walking around

Heart blocked on chest

Spiraling thoughts

I think I’m less

I cannot reach

What I can’t confess

Let me sit down

And settle this mess

I’m right here

Don’t look at the ground

My arms around you

Singing so loud

Erasing the pain

Removing the stain

Forgiving the shame

It’s all just made up

There is no one to blame

I could never push

Away the claim

Tear myself away

And let you sit

in pain

This is not what I wanted

But I simply had no choice

To reach deep down inside me

And revive my favorite ghost

You curl around and divide me

Lure me in and alive me

I’ll never forget what’s inside me

I just wish I could’ve helped you

Revive me

Call it a story

A forgotten riddle

A poem left unfinished

Surrounded by false middles

I look around and search for home

Drown myself then moan and groan

There are so many I’m all alone

I think I’ve wandered too far from home

I keep on wondering if this is just done

How can I live when my heart weighs a ton

There is no way I end up this way

Sitting here staring

Around (feels so loud)

I know what the truth is

And it’s coming up in pain

But if You close your eyes and listen

You’d know I’m feeling just the same

Wrap my arms around you

And know protection wraps you too

Look deep down inside you

And find me laying as a muse

Play around like Those times

When we had a frequency to choose

Don’t leave me here

Inside me

I have so much left to do



October 23rd 2022


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