Is that really You?

Gaslighting yourself

To stay in a place

You don’t belong

Confiding to no one

The place you truly

Call home

Masquerading as someone


Is this you

Is this me

I feel a pull on me

Only comes from one place

I feel an emptiness in myself

Only filled by one face

Would it matter if you woke up

Anymore — am I too far gone

Would it matter if I saw you again

I don’t know how to take touch anymore

It makes me shake

A dog in a pound

Giving up on home to

Come around

Is this you

Trapped by the decisions

You’ve made

Never want to admit

That this is the game

You played

Is this really you

Could this be me

Surrendering to divinity

Releasing the fear

I must go home

Can’t stare at these walls

And name them mine

Can’t sit here and over

Compensate what I


Is this really me

Or is this really you




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