Breaking the Habit

Unconditional love

Is what is missing

People picking and choosing

When to see the humanity

In each other

Such a shame

This love that the world needs

Lives in my chest

And yours too

This love we’ve been outsourcing

Is right where we least expect it

In us — why are all of us so unworthy

Of love — has it been conditional too long

Obligations seem to be this short coming

Truth can’t hide in the well anymore

She’s coming for us all

Do you think we deserve compassion

As human kind devolves

Are you withering away at

The time space

Entering a new plane

Aquarius show us the way

Seer this vision of humanity

Only through showing

And going first will

They believe this transformation exists

The dark is tired too

Wants to go home

This fight has been dragging

On for Eons — let my eyes close

Be gone — unconditional love

Is what I am missing — my oxygen

Tank is getting low no one around

So it’s me who continues to flow

Fill myself up I have so much to do

Nowhere to call home

I have roots where I started

Planted many seeds in the ground

Wanted to stay wherever they let me

No matter what I’d look up at the stars

And wonder if you’d come around

At this point I’m so annoyed with

Curiosity of everything you are

So curious to stand infront of you

I am going to be convinced after all

It’s weird for me when I remember you-sss

Transcriptions of the years live on in me

But there is nothing of me that

has survived in you — maybe the ember

Away from pride that burns true

Maybe your surrender because the

Divine has been calling out to you

Don’t stop searching — this can never

Be your end — so much is coming

Don’t let your head fill with dread

Find that profound love in your chest

And share it with the world

They won’t be able to stay away from you

Your blessing is your cure

Write the truth

Now sing it

False unions will always fall

I know you are watching

Waiting wondering if you should call

The one of you I know

Would call everyday if he could

The one of you I know

Is lost is so loved and misunderstood

I love you and your darkness

The shadow side you keep from everyone

Thank you for protecting me from

All your conditional love

You are my oxygen don’t you see

If you come back and poison me

Death is what will be

You have to be clear

So I can Baptize in thee

I’m not calling out

This chest beats so loud of you

How could I put myself out

When I’d rather ride the

wave of the crowd

I know the way you look at me

That’s why I am scared of you

I see you devour me

Forbidden fruit no more

We both come alive

Maybe just maybe

If it’s just you and I

Unconditional love will

Transcend us — heal us inside

I’m not on a pedestal — get me down

If that’s where I am — I need a space

Where I can love you— next to you face to face

I must keep surrendering

This has to be my fate

Unconditional love

Please don’t be too late

I’m breathing in what air I can

Spinning round —daring to be found

Find me in your chest and share it

With the world — remove yourself

From your way — absolute bliss is

What you deserve — my heart will

Always be broken if yours is too

My eyes will always look up or around

And search for you — my ears search

For your voice but I don’t know where

You are — wouldn’t matter cause your

Like a girl I can’t get off my mind

If the storm just rolled with thunder

You’d be the blanket I’d lay under in hide

You’d be the church I’d repent in and cry

How many years has it been this time ?

How many years have I wondered inside —

Don’t finish that thought

All I know is unconditional love is what

I need —- time is the decider between

The two — conditional or Un / finding out

I’m just wrapped in others strings

Obligations overtaking me

Unconditional you will be able to see

Close your eyes and tell me it’s me

9:10 pm

November 26th 2021

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