I’ve heard it for years

Been tested for years

To make sure I mean it

Failed a million times

At it but here I am

The one my ancestors

Have been waiting for

I used to feel unworthy

Of this purpose

I’d rather keep my head

Down and shop through

This materialistic surplus

But my soul just dies inside

Over and over again

Balance is what is gonna

Save me from overdosing

This time

Compassion will keep me

Sustained on the frequency

Gamma will connect me

To the collective divine

I know I am connected to

This — separation an illusion

I know this now

I’ve read everything

From Bible , Buddha and

quantum physics

At the end of the day

How I get hooked back up to

Unconditional is compassion

For me and you

And these timelines we are flying through

I keep jumping — leaping through

Obstacles — got so little time

And so much still left to do

Unconditional I’ve found my mind

Drop out of line

Those aren’t meant for you

You will never fit in my friend

You are meant to stand out

Change the collective doubt

Sing clap your hands and shout

This is what I am about


Unconditional love

You are all I dream about

You have your own thought stream

Separate from my everyday

Can’t block a natural flow

We are who the ancestors and guides

Have been waiting for

You have limited time with father

Grandfather waiting for him at the alter

You can’t repeat his mistakes and think

You’re making him proud sacrificing yourself

You can’t stay and decay thinking your

Mother will give you permission to leave

We’re running out of time

Or is it better luck next life

This is your free will — you decide

Go home and tell your roots

I am not happy and I still haven’t

Found my home

They should hold you while you cry

They love you more than their pride

Just remember they can’t see as clear as you

So listen to your inner guide

You’re all grown up

Finally your voice heard

Like you’ve always wanted

No longer the youngest in the

Shadows of family drama


But you must be brave to face

Your own truth —

Remind yourself what you truly want

Don’t be too proud to ask for help

Unconditional I have the best intent for you

Channeling and channeling

Not sure what this will do

Waking me from my insomnia sleep

To tell you this is all true

I was scared to — I was also alone

If you woke up first

You’d do the same

Unconditional is what remains

Let it out now and give it to the world

We need it more than ever

No more skepticism

Everything is gonna blow

Love is gonna save the world

Unconditional this is what I see

It’s clear while others are blind

So they talk



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