I will not rot

April 14,2014

Started as a snow flake of epiphanies

I recorded for myself

In a mind I believed I

was condemned to

Never crawl out

I would reach

But never come out

But I am alive

A possible epiphany in the making

Has turned into a greener

Pastures awakening.

Follow me if you’d like to see

The Divine take over

What I thought was me

I’ve stripped down far past

My skin and now I’m making

Sure what is right within

April 14,2019

My awakening day

This is not confined to just me.

I am not special.

Do you see?

A spirit with a pen

And a true connection

To The End.

These words ; these views

This is not a trick pen.

These things inside you.

also live in me to

so please


Connected all of us

Forgotten a lot of us

Remember to belong?

Not a lot of us

I am not blind anymore.

I see what others cannot

Hear me kind sir

I will not rot.

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