Cosmic Instructions

You can stand in-front

Of the mirror

And realize you don’t

Know who you are

But I know

I know the truth

I see your soul

Crying out

To be true

To your self

Be true to

What you came

Here for

Lay there at night

And stare at the ceiling

As I do

Wondering if this

Is it

This cannot be

My truth

Avoid your reflection

Because I haunt you

Growl my name

Like you know

Speak tongues

And save yourself

Surrender to

What God is to you

Surrender me

Like you’ve been

Doing me

I’ve been your sacrifice

For too long

Untie my hands

I know where to

Lay my head

No need for jealousy

Between you and me

All the answers are

Hidden inside of

Both of thee

Look in the mirror

And see me in your eyes

I am not your demise

The truth has no choice

But to rise

I know you’ll make it

In time to switch the prophesy

Lay your head in my lap

As I wipe your hurt away

I’ll return the favor

Like you did to me that fateful day

I’m not asking you to follow me

Hold my hand I’ll let you breathe

Remind me of who you are

Deep down in your own grease

I won’t let you slip past me

I know who you are to me

Can’t Unsee

I’m not mad

You are

I was disturbed

At the carelessness

You surround yourself with

Thought you knew better

Then to fall for tainted love

Intoxicating to be so gone

Wrong part of the astral

You swim

Still can’t write I see

No originals coming in

To comprehend

I have to give you space

To love yourself

I need you to IGNITE

Your chest alone first

One day you’ll show up

And I’ll disband

This belt around my waist

I lay encased waiting

To be freed

I practice humility

In this cage I’ve

Come to conserve

Time is running out

Look in the mirror

And love him

Know you are loved

In so many words

Lay down this false mask

Before I find you in a hospital bed

You don’t want me to see this

Then be who you want me to see

Be the one who stand on my

Left side all the time

Make me believe that there is more

All roads lead back to me

I hope I am still physical

When you figure yourself out

Sending so much love

Until I see you in your evolution

No more do we sail in each others storms

I won’t call and convince you it’s someone else

You know the truth

Close your eyes

Breathe with me

6 breaths in

6 breaths out

Don’t judge what comes out

Write to me

So I can sing to you

Pawing at my cage

I’m dying to come out

9:39 pm



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