Look for the footprints dear friend


I’ll admit

I check in

On you

Not in the way

You want me to

I ask God &

I pray for you

I won’t root around

Your fake social

Media news

I know there’s

More to you

Than just what I

Could peruse

I’m tempted to check

Your tone

Then I remember

It’s proble still


God take this


I’m such a giver

I’ll give it all away

I have to

Listen to my


Let it guide

Me to the day

Where life isn’t

A noose

A field I’ve been

Looking for

To hang loose

Yes you aren’t

Crazy I do

Think of you


I don’t feel guilt

Over someone

Who is the truth

But for now

I have to go

You have to know

How it truly

Feels to be alone

Break your own

Heart to understand

How I felt all

these years

You can pray for me

I’ve always prayed for you

Think kind thoughts

Of you

Maybe things I’m

Not supposed to think

Of you

But I have balance

In a life with no show

Listen closely


It’s time

For you

To grow

Music is

Your soul

Without it

You will never


Buy yourself

Until your full

But you obviously



Down in a hole

I’ll see you on

The other side

If I see you

I will


run and hide

Come to my mind

And I’ll send you a

Hug just please


It is God

Up above.

Find him

Confide in him

Tell him the truth

No one loves

You more than

Your Creator

Even if at

Times you

Want to say

See ya later

God is patient

& watching you

Clapping his

Hands when

You’ve come

Out on the other


Not blue

You feel alone?

You must not be

Seeing right

Is there one

Set of footprints?

He is carrying you.

Listen to him.

He will

Lead you


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