I am in love with the World 

I picture myself years from now, wondering if I am doing the right thing. My mind burst with ways to escape the bore I feel sometimes and I wonder if I have the strength to indulge in the unknown. 

 I am in love with the World   

Not a man. Not the idea of a family. but the world is my love. I get a taste of what I like from every state or country I’ve been in and I can’t get enough. I dream of the travels at night like you should dream of a love you are waiting on. I research the world like you Facebook Staulk your new love interest. I buy things that can fit into my backpack like you buy things to get his attention. 

Think of the way that you love your significant other. That is the way I love the world. It keeps me guessing. The way you look into their eyes is the way I look into the sky. I see the birds fly wherever they choose and that is the only stint of jealousy my soul holds. 

           For the birds 

They can fly anywhere. With nothing but their feathers. Sit up as high as they want while we build monstrous machines to reach their heights. They can stay as long as they want and on a whim without even a goodbye fly off into whatever sunset they so choose. 

      My family has my heart 

I am inked in many places of my body to keep my loved ones near me. I knew a long time ago I’d never stay in one place but I wanted to carry them with me. I wanted to see something of them on me. I miss them ; It’s a feeling I get used to day after day. Something I eventually don’t focus on I just put it up above. Sometimes I think I am missing out on things back home but the reality is I know I’m not. They are living their lives and I am trying to find mine. I picture waking up in a different city everyday to every week. A one night stand with a city of my choice is the perfect life to me. 

              The fear 

I don’t want to lift my head up one day and realize I lived for someone else because I was afraid of the unknown. I want to venture out further than the restraints of my comfort zone and fears. I have this want for meeting strangers just to hear about their lives. This is all unpredictable. This is all just a dream. A jumbled up mess we have created ; our canvases painted on the land gifted to us. 

I am in love with the world. I don’t think anyone can take its place. There is a reason I think this way. A reason I am this way. 

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  1. This is beautiful and I so envy your braveness. I wish I had kept the courage you have now when I was your age but alas I fell in love with a man an his children and therefore I am here and I wouldn’t change any of it. Go and live my dear, gather the stories of the souls you meet and share them with the world. Love you, SheShe

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