Somewhere I Belong


You know this is

a choice right

(You picked Jackson )

What you aren’t changing

You are choosing

I know

It feels like a sick punch

When you realize it’s been

You the whole time

Writing about looking

In the mirror just

won’t go away

You have to take action


You feel it in your chest

I know you think it’s me

Pulling but it’s actually you

You’re actually too far gone

I haven’t seen you in years

Can’t even see you in my dreams

Your clogged up with fears

My higher self tells me

What’s going on

hovers over you

Sends me a song

Proble why you always

Think you see me

Or wonder why you’re

Always talking to

me in your head

I bet you think your

going crazy

Scared shitless inside too

I keep getting a pull

From the other side

To keep walking my timeline

—-Even if I feel all alone

Even if pillows are what I

Curl into at night pretend

They are home — I’ll be alright

I’m getting told to write out

To your awakening

Hasn’t happened yet

I Won’t know when

you open the door

I’m sick to my stomach thinking

You’d have to experience anything

I went through —sick to my stomach someone

Is mistreating you — sick to my stomach

I stopped walking — told them no —

If I have a mission — I trust you

But you gotta let me tell him

Tell him I know

Waving — I’ll see you at the show

Let me leave breadcrumbs so he

Doesn’t think he’s crazy — left behind

Let me leave breadcrumbs so he

Knows it’s real — awakening is devastating

I have to be there for his heart — won’t abandon my part —his mind is mine I’m not worried he won’t find his way out — I’m worried his vices will take hold and I’ll have no idea he didn’t make it through — I have no contact no human to spy on you for me — only our higher self

Never enough time

To get everything out

Manic iambic coming

back around

Incubus singing me

“Blood on the Ground

Under My Umbrella “

This is my surrender

I’ve left you crumbs to find

Right now you should be

playing a daunting role

I send you love , strength , peace

Happiness , compassion , understanding ,

Oxygen, creativity , divinity

I give it all to you — I have to go

I’m gonna go to the stage

I’m gonna serve their hearts

I’m gonna be good like I’ve always wanted to be

You are worthy

You are Loved

Come to the stage

It’s all orchestrated

from above



Headphones ring out

Iiiiiii wish you were hereeeee



And so it is



October 11th 2021

3:13 pm

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