Corpus Callosum

Peek a boo

I see you

Hiding between

The hemispheres

Of your brain

Did you forget

This is my domain ?




All you ; all me



I don’t believe you

Are hiding from me

But I do believe you

Need a message from me

So read this real quick

Then hide me away

Like you need to

At least in this timeline

You felt honorable

Called to jump back to



I know your studies

Have paused

The hunger for

Knowledge has paused

You tried to cut cords

& run — don’t blame you at all

But what you failed to see

Is your karma isn’t done



I can’t help but see

This karma end with a Son



But wasn’t it nice to

See yourself again?

Wasn’t it nice to remember

It is you who misses you within ?

Imagine how sad your soul is

When you pull away from him



I dare you

Picture yourself as him

Can you even face these truths ?

Don’t worry I nurture him

Get your head out of your hands



Do you know you are standing

In the middle of your brain?

Let me translate it so it’s not

So mystical & I don’t make you

Feel insane



It’s the corpus callosum

At the bottom of your brain

You are standing there

Putting pressure on both sides

Thinking you are in a divide of your life

Maybe you are

But you are thinking all wrong

Spinning and spinning of all

The words that don’t need to be drawn

Pick a card

Tell me what is yours

I’m waiting for the emperor

To show himself — expose



You know you have free will

You can stand here as long as you want

Putting pressure on yourself

In a self created hell

But my dear look down at your feet

Do you even like your shoes ?

Do you see the pressure you put

On yourself over so many things

You know you need to lose ?



A stream of thoughts coming on the left

Cannot connect to the right

When you are standing in the way

You can’t tuck yourself between

Your brain and tell yourself

That “I am okay”



Please stop feeling guilty

Over ghosting me

It’s what you’ve always done

I don’t need to forgive you

No damage has been done

The door was closing I felt

It when you tucked and run

Slid you a book before

the cavern door lock spun



I can’t wait for you to

Read this far

Can’t wait for you

To call and say

“Fuck you Cheyenne”

Laughing hysterically

Because this is so dumb

For now whisper it

Under your breath

Roll your head back

Exhaling frantically

“God what do I do!”

Keep in mind according

to science

Your brain doesn’t mature until

You are at-least 35




Please only think of me

In happiness & in love

Use me to be the muse in you

Transmute —

Unconditional Love




I’m always proud of you

No matter what you do

Where you go

My spirit is waving at you

Eb and fucking flow


Let go


Talking to u — is talking to me

I just need time




Always on my side



I just need love




How silly I

think I need

Something that I

Already am



(I am love)


Sometimes I have to

Give myself this

Extreme Ultimatum

Really ask myself

If I’m living w

ith purpose

Or if I’m dying

Of worldly sickness

Am I mundane ?

Apathetic ?

Complacent ?


I can’t help but


When I hide the truth

From myself



Nothing is on fire

No emergency sirens

Ringing in my ear

No warning from

My guides

That something is

Coming near



So I know I

must be stronger

This must go on longer

Can’t daydream about

The Other

This is my role

I model

I am a Mother



So Cheyenne

Are you dying ?

Because I think

you’re stronger




3:11 PM

3:18 PM


Supermoon Affirmations

Can you feel when

The transmission is cut ?

The station was changed

A certain frequency




Memories left to

fill the day

The river above

Continues to flow

Dont reach your hand up

Just watch and let go

I believe it’s all up there

Always all around

While we continue to grow

Frequencies change

But never too low



I can feel

Heart strings

Being pulled

Breath deep

And let it go



People change

People grow

Say things

They mean

Then cancel

the show

No no no

No static is

meant to blow

It’s the way the

Wind takes you

Grow grow grow



Cleanse and clear

What no longer serves

The good here

No loneliness

No fear

Only good things

Can grow here

Let go and flow

Watch the water flow

Feel the knowledge go

You are all

And you are one

I am that ; I am



I send you love

I send you peace

I send you the recipe

Of forgiveness within


Inside you sits that

part of you

So I cut the ties

That you think

Could bind you

I release these cords

That do not serve

Our highest good

What stays is only

Beneficial to our

Growth and life’s purpose

What’s mine is mine

What’s yours is yours

With all the love

I support your growth

And so it is




10:50 PM

April 26 , 2021

SuperMoon – Pink- in Scorpio

Release the emotions – energy in motion

Theta – QHHT

I’ve got something

Coming to me

Rather I am coming

To face me

I’m swimming in

My brainwaves

I feel like a deftones song



The beat of cherry waves

Is how I’m swimming

In my brain ; flowing

Effortlessly to my true state



Which one gives me

Access to the

answers I hear

I’ve known all along







Is gamma the way ?

I could sit here allday

Swaying in a hemi sync daze



Send it out in every way



I’m swimming these

Pathways back to me

Looking for the one

To give me access to me



Memories I float by

Emotions I observe

From times long

Gone bye


Sold out prayers

Heart felt

Deep meditations

My lonely tears

They are all here

I’m swimming in my mind

This is mine

All mine



Drifting slowly

In a trance like state

Drifting flowing

This is apart of my fate



I can’t stop searching for you

I’m going deeper

Goodbye Beta

Can’t stop seeing you

You are a big part

Of the truth



Breath quietly

With pranayama

& imaginations

Of green & blue


That throat chakra

Is coming for you



6:22 PM

March 27th 2021

Hemi – Sync

I talk to you

A lot in

my head

Yet I know

I shouldn’t

Pick up my phone


If I get brave enough to

Look at your name

I shut myself down

I can’t have a moment

Like that again

You don’t need

me to crack

Your skull open

And show you

The truth of

What you’ve

been hiding in



Start your day

With a clean slate

“Helps make every day feel brand new”



Flip a token

To see what side

Of yourself

You’ll choose today

Don’t look in the mirror

It’s easier that way



I talk to you a lot

In my head

Something I

Don’t recommend

Admitting right now



It comes natural

Until you want to

Talk about something

I don’t

It comes natural

Till you pull the wrong

String ; I won’t

I can’t sing

Can’t write

My throat is raw

From yelling at myself

I don’t want to visit

This side of my head



If I asked you to

Close your eyes

And touch the

Part of your brain

That lights up

When I come to mind

I bet it would

Scare you everytime

Not just one location

I come to find



I hope you know

I don’t feel like

Picking up my phone

My chest feels constricted

Can’t breath the way I like to

Right now thinking of you

Just a subtle heartbeat

Can’t get through the thick fog

Around you ; the pollution

Is too loud



I see vices

False niceness

Comfort zone


Happy ….

Happy life



Being human is weird

I’m sure being a man is worse

All this pressure on your shoulders

To be a provider , believe that a better

Version of yourself is built by

Sacrificing who you are to someone else


Dark night of the soul

Is the only way through

I promise your authentic self

Wont let you ignore this pull

If this was the end then your

Pearl Jam song would be playing loud

I don’t hear the bells ringing or

The End coming for you

But I can assure you it

Wont be me snapping my fingers

Bringing you back on cue

But I see you

Don’t worry friend

I couldn’t stop if I tried


You come to mine

Too many times



Comedically I picture

Your name entering

The left side of my brain

Deciphering where it should

store this lovely being

The security is weak on that side

The bouncer said your name is on the list


I’m dancing on the right side

Spinning in circles , dancing





Drifting through Oklahoma


9:29 am

9:44 am

10:01 am

“Read My Mind”

Woke up


I remember

I saw you

I lay there

& wonder

What you were

Telling me to do



Come close

Too close

Smiles show

Embrace me

Far past regret

I saw that

demented smile




Blinking in a dream

another time approaches

Shows me old houses

Old rooms

Hair long

Like old times

Forgot my life

When I came to

Who is this man

My dream tells me

To look into

I watch myself

Follow this path

I play rewind

There you are

In dreamscape land




Present time

Present house

This is mine

I see you laying

On the floor

Crawl between

Now heavens a blur

My head is spinning

The feeling still there

Close my eyes

You continue to stare

Reality is coming quick

Tell me what you

Want me to know

I know I’m

laying too

Close to you

Tell me before I go



You lean in

As close as I want you to

Wrapped around me

Eyes meet

I’m so alive

Look what you

Made me do



Your lips move

“Read my mind”


Dream chy

Closes her eyes

In your arms

alarm sounds

I disappear everytime.




3:19 PM

3:37 PM


Through the breath ——- comes the energy

Im looking for you

Plugging my ears

To hear where you are



Closing my eyes

To see you so far


Listen close


I feel like a ghost

I need to sit down

Find the energy again




Have you left

The enemy yet?

Haven’t craved yourself

Enough yet?


I need a place for my head



Don’t want you to

Take the best of me

Loneliness has

This tongue again



Constriction begins

I guess that’s what

Happens when

Your conflicted again



Finding myself

Gets harder


I’m getting better

At hiding

Can’t be up in

The clouds the whole time

I’ve got a life to live

Can’t always confide



I’m searching for you

Cheyenne’s missing


Hidden away from

The blue

Words won’t

Come out

Too easy to




Just better to

Put my head

Down , push

On through


What did I do?




Through the breath

Comes the energy




Through the breath

Comes the energy

My friend.



Going Home

I freed myself today

Chose myself

Like I needed to

Didn’t give notice

To the two faced fool

spreading bitterness

Wonder where everyone goes




I freed myself today

I believe the universe

Shines down a golden ray

I took care of myself

I’ll be taken care of everyday



Remember this feeling everyday

Listening to my body

I tried but it could never feel right

Too much bitterness

No one can stand the presence

Too much disrespect

Never want to see you again



It’s empowering to help yourself

Even if it’s cold out I won’t stay

Where I know I can’t grow

Even if it’s cold out

I’ll face this world alone

Me myself & I

The universe by my side

Divine continue to shine



I freed myself today

I’m going home to

My family

The corn fields

Country roads

Bonfires &

Everyone is home

Surround myself

With love

Remember this is

Where I’m from




I choose myself


10:04 PM


Channeling with Strangers

Spoke with a psychic


She reached out to me

Told me spirit wouldn’t

Let her be

Told me you

Are all around me

If I could see this energy

What would the colours be?




Spoke with a psychic


She told me everything

Wasn’t alright

Hot and cold

This game gets old

Part of the story

I continue to be told







Comes from

Her lips

Low vibes

No light

Tell me who

It is you miss?



I understand

Life is busy

Can’t find a level stance



Need solitude

Need your rest




I spoke to a psychic


She promised

Everything would be


Asked if I knew

My crown was tilted

Not firing right

I told her I can’t

Feel my heartbeat

I miss it

I can’t feel

My guard is up

I’m inside myself again

Can’t comprehend

What my world is doing

I want to feel my heart beat

Against my chest again

I never want that feeling

To go away

I need to feel myself again

I’m so far away from her

I’m trying to come back

I’m trying to connect

Keep getting lost

With people who

Are just foes

I see right through this

Karmic mess

Here I am


What I won’t confess

Here I go

Back to the wrong show

There are no musicians here

No art to compare



Here I am

Stardust in a suit

Staring at my hands

She said I have a

Long life to live



All I can do is exhale

All I can do is call out

Life guide

Life line

Help me purify

This divide

Help me find balance

Inside of me

Head in the clouds

Hands searching for

The right mudra

Heart space come back to me

Heart beat come face me




11:35 AM


Where you focus———————There the energy goes

So where are you

In that head of yours

I see myself slouching down

Going deaf

Don’t want to hear your sound


I’m going down

Just at the sight of you

I’m going down

Don’t want to be around you

My energy has been focused

On all the wrong things

Taking away from me

I get angry


Want to tell you to go

Just go

Where you focus

There the energy goes—

I need to go

I am looking out

There is my energy flow

Looking up

There is my frequency show


Need to center



Clean my glasses

Blink my eyes

A few hundred times



Tap between my brow

Where you focus

There the energy goes —-




3:25 PM

Flying over

the Midwest

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