I am the Evolution of you mom.

Not you.

I tried and failed

Many of times

God said

Be Yourself


I’ve been reminded

Many of times

That I am little TJ

A humble reminder

I finally encompassed

Your strength.

You taught me to LIVE

Survive. Feel alive.

Self care & mantras


For bad days.

Study guides

an array of things

I made it Mom.

You wanted me to fly

So I am.

I promise

No one

Not even myself

Will stop me

This time

So dry your eyes

And look within

instead of the news

We cannot mend

The evil others do

I am not an



This is no mistake

God is trying to

Talk to you

Sit still for once

And listen

It might come in the wind

During dishes

Your drives home


Breath deep Tanya

It is your turn


And ask Tanya

What do you need ?

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