I Am The Rehab

My friends are hurting again

A piece of my soul aches

Out in the world

Learning his lessons

The methadone has got him

Mixing with the alcohol again

Too many plugs

Not enough hugs

I can feel him so low

He needs music

Needs to feel again

My friend isn’t well

Talked to him today

Told him he was so loved

I don’t wanna lose him again

It’s crazy what grief and drugs

Can do to such a pure soul

I feel his father tap my shoulder

From the clouds above

He’s whispering to me

To help his boy

Love him with the love

He needs — hold his hand

Share his grief

Cloudy eyes got my friend

Fucked up — this drug

Called fentynol took my friend

For a hell of a ride

New age dragon chasing

Something I’ve never craved to try

I’ve seen what it does to a pure souls eyes

My friend is being abused

I can’t reach him this time

Sending it up to the Divine

Bring him home to me —

Not to you — he isn’t done with

This life — not yet — we just found

Each other again — I miss my friend

Wanna hold his hand

Promise him everything will be alright

Wanna hold his hand so he can feel

The aliveness in me I can gift him

Can’t believe I almost lost my friend

He’s coming back I feel it within

Come on friend

I promise it’s worth the fight



Flying over the ocean to Jamaica

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