I swear it’s a love story

Sitting with him

Was like heroin

Sitting with its addict

Sounds like a tragedy

in the making but it’s

A love story I swear

No one could touch him

The euphoria took me

To a place only we could

access together

The rush of my heart

Allows only this frequency

Take me away

And bring me back to life

Where do you take me ?

Everything looks different

After you bring me back

Do you know you do this to me ?

I can’t turn away from

This ecstasy — I remember

Why they say you can

Get addicted at the first hit

Staring into his eyes

Was me staring at my demise

I swear it’s a love story

Not the usual one you are

Used to hearing

This one involves

Separating over and over

Through the endless-ness of times

I begged to be here with him

In the flesh — what was I thinking

All I wanna do is lock myself up

And get high — take me away

You are my escape — tell me goodbye

I know I came here for a purpose

But let me get high with you

Let me get high off you

Breathe for me

I’ll breathe for you

Heal me

I’ll fuck you too

Cut this cord

I swear I’m through

I’m shaking — I hate

I can’t

Admit I

Love you

I summoned you

It’s dark out

Come to this corner

No one knows I’m here

No one knows I keep you here

Hit this — I’ll take you where

You wanna go — escape into me

Let’s fucking go —

I swear this is a love story

I just happened to fall in love

With the drug you have to fight

To stay away from everyday

It gets dark — I crave you more

Than I should — tell my worried ones

I’m done with this drug — I don’t mean

To lie — my heart refuses to let this go

I’ve thrown it out — erased my mind —

Reprogrammed your name

More than a thousand times

This is so fucked up — must be from above

I swear this is a love story

I’ve been carrying this with me

My heart beating so fast

I can hear heroine coming to me

Physically gone away from me

At night he lets my soul breathe

He curls up to me says just one more time

I’ll be done just let me have tonight

Need to run — happiness is a warm gun

Close your eyes — this is the last time

Feel this rush — I am your divine

I swear this is a love story

But I can’t convince you it hasn’t

Tainted me — i can’t convince you

I’m the same after taking you

Nothing compares to the rush

I feel coming from you

I drink from this cup

It’s my poison I fucking want

The night comes and so does

My animalistic side

Deep breathing

I’m tucked into my confine

Glued to your side

Let me breathe with you

Come into this corner

No one knows I’m here

I swear this is a love story

The details are coming clear

I swear this is a love story

I lay Infront on this mirror

Stripped bare — I care

I know I’m naked

Did you forget the knowledge

You bit into — you are naked too

Heroine used to rescue me

Take me away from where I’m not

Supposed to be — treated me differently

A love story no one will ever see

A love story relapsing primordial-e

August 3rd 2021



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