Compassion Companion

I carry death with me well

Carry it with me In life

So In death I may

Carry life

I translate death

I translate the teeter of

Should I give up today

Or give it another day

I translate my pain

Like a poem written well

Transmute my pain

As inspired by my ribs poem

I used to hide this part of myself

Scared someone would tell

Death is my friend

I know him well

You can see it in my eyes

Some days

Death is my peace

Seeps into my soul

As much as I love this life

I still miss my home

You can see it in my eyes

I enjoy slitting my wrists for you

If only it means I can save you

A stitch or two

From a young age I just wanted to

Help plants , animals and humans

The defensiveness of my intentions

Started at home — cycled me through

My lessons — let me exercise my compassion

Compassion with no boundaries

Is like a third eye open and a closed crown

I am light spread open

I am the shoulder you want to cry on

The coat you need to stay warm

A vessel for the All to send you kind words

My purpose is to be kind to you

Find in you the blocks that

Won’t let you be you

I see you

As you stare into my eyes

Know I am a mirror for you

My dear


My dear

How I love you

I carry death with me

You can see it In my eyes

I am so happy to be here in this

Moment with you — it will never

Be this way again — I know that

As our nervousness seeps in

So grateful to gaze into your eyes

My dear I love you

Find your way back home this time


May 14th 2022

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