This space is yours not mine

Know this space is for you

Not me

I have grown in

My space you

Didn’t know you

Gave to me

I have evolved past

A place you cannot see

And I refuse to process

Your muscled misery

If you can’t see a need

Is a fear and defensiveness

Is killing our cord

Then I have to allow you

To let these feelings flow

I cannnot force you

Because inside you are truly


Our family is broken

And will continue to be

As long as you sit there

In your own truly manifested memory

You’ve been through a lot

I am part to blame

But it is not your fault

You can’t control the world

But healing yourself

Is your responsibility

Not mine.

You slander my advice

Like I am still your child

Push me away because your truth

Is over 50 years bound

Picture a tree with a string

Your are the string bound around

Yourself for 50 years

Strangling yourself

With your own pain

Blaming the world

No one is at fault

In the end of this game


That continue to


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