With the Kindness of Today

Conversations with friends always get my mind stirring all around. 

To the future. 

To the past. 

It doesn’t matter. 

It’s every which way…

I know I’m still young and I have way too much to learn but a part of me broadcasted a loud speaker to these particular thoughts. 

A part of me at one time thought I’d never live long enough to look back on the bad things I did and the good things I did. Rather it be a run in with a stranger that went wrong or a conversation with a close friend I hold dear. I remember all of these things that simply happened in my past. They weren’t tragic life changing moments…

Just little sprinkles of everyday life spanned out through my years. They all collide in my memory taping themselves together. 

I would say if I wanted you to know anything it would be 

Take care of how you treat people and the actions you condemn to yourself. You have a whole life of memories to collect. Days will come when the timeline unfolds ; looking back on the past is a pleasant trip you can create with the kindness of today. 

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