I am running You triggered me In our moment of bliss It was you I breathe I saw myself again but It was taking me away From what my ego missed You triggered me again Now I tell myself I’m pissed Look in the mirror Beta writing a list I am triggered again Waiting for... Continue Reading →

Commit to Evolving

What more Could you Want . . What conditions Would you Break to Feel that Way again . . What karma Would you Face To See her Face again . . These obligations These conditions These lessons These fears This cowardly Lion I am Dressed up in . . Oh the cosmos Has a way... Continue Reading →

Eye for an eye in us all

I’d love to eye for an eye Everyone That fucked me up But I don’t have a bag big enough To carry all those hearts . . Gotta let it go . Even though Condemning Feels so good So fucking powerful . It’s easy to be mean Easy to feel my role Is the reaction... Continue Reading →

This is Sacred

Dedicated & Set apart . . Fascinated Don’t make Me start . . Captivated Always too far . . Worship me As I look at the stars This is sacred We’ve come so far . This is sacred Take me too far . . Worthy of this Holiness I am bound by This caress My... Continue Reading →

Corpus Callosum

Peek a boo I see you Hiding between The hemispheres Of your brain Did you forget This is my domain ? E-motion Energy Frequencies All you ; all me . . I don’t believe you Are hiding from me But I do believe you Need a message from me So read this real quick Then... Continue Reading →

With the Kindness of Today

Conversations with friends always get my mind stirring all around.  To the future.  To the past.  It doesn't matter.  It's every which way... I know I'm still young and I have way too much to learn but a part of me broadcasted a loud speaker to these particular thoughts.  A part of me at one... Continue Reading →

                                                                                                             ... Continue Reading →

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