I’m trying I swear I look within Taking pictures Taping words together Rereading my sanities Translations Sometimes makes me weak . . I’m trying To live this life All of this borrowed time I still have people Tell me it’s not mine . . Obligations & Conditions Do they factor Into paying off My karma... Continue Reading →

Breaking the Habit

Unconditional love Is what is missing People picking and choosing When to see the humanity In each other Such a shame This love that the world needs Lives in my chest And yours too This love we’ve been outsourcing Is right where we least expect it In us — why are all of us so... Continue Reading →

Somewhere I Belong

Johnny You know this is a choice right (You picked Jackson ) What you aren’t changing You are choosing I know It feels like a sick punch When you realize it’s been You the whole time Writing about looking In the mirror just won’t go away You have to take action Now You feel it... Continue Reading →


I am running You triggered me In our moment of bliss It was you I breathe I saw myself again but It was taking me away From what my ego missed You triggered me again Now I tell myself I’m pissed Look in the mirror Beta writing a list I am triggered again Waiting for... Continue Reading →

Commit to Evolving

What more Could you Want . . What conditions Would you Break to Feel that Way again . . What karma Would you Face To See her Face again . . These obligations These conditions These lessons These fears This cowardly Lion I am Dressed up in . . Oh the cosmos Has a way... Continue Reading →

Eye for an eye in us all

I’d love to eye for an eye Everyone That fucked me up But I don’t have a bag big enough To carry all those hearts . . Gotta let it go . Even though Condemning Feels so good So fucking powerful . It’s easy to be mean Easy to feel my role Is the reaction... Continue Reading →

This is Sacred

Dedicated & Set apart . . Fascinated Don’t make Me start . . Captivated Always too far . . Worship me As I look at the stars This is sacred We’ve come so far . This is sacred Take me too far . . Worthy of this Holiness I am bound by This caress My... Continue Reading →

Corpus Callosum

Peek a boo I see you Hiding between The hemispheres Of your brain Did you forget This is my domain ? E-motion Energy Frequencies All you ; all me . . I don’t believe you Are hiding from me But I do believe you Need a message from me So read this real quick Then... Continue Reading →

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