Into the arms of The All

“Forgot how it feels to belong “

“Forgot how it feels to be longed “



Someone’s been shut out in the

Cold again — no memory

To look back and comprehend

When they do their heart beats fast

Double heartbeat — Sure to last

Stampeding through the track

I wish these visions to be untrue

Always wishing true love

Is what you went back to

So why do these words plague

My mind when I think of you

Is this just a mirror image

I refuse to sink my teeth in to

I have a scar on my right shoulder

Cutting through my Angel tattoo

A jagged tooth mark that reminds me

Of the eyes that I used to look up at

Pouring eternity back down into me

Thrusting truths we are primordial beings

A root system I could not deny

Even though I admit

I’ve definitely tried

I see now how it’s all cyclical

Desired thought streams manifested

Cycles begging to be broken

Like the final winning token

I am here breaking open

I thought blood would

Spill out of me

Leaving me to embrace

My own eternal infinity

I am strong because of you

I am breathing these words so true

Green is pouring out of me

My chest is caving into

The final epiphany

I surrender you every time

Lay you on the alter

To find the divine

A forbidden apple

You have to dine

I can’t stop craving what is mine

Out of my hands

I’m sure you will find

Until then I rewrite my crimes

Until then I hold my truth to bind

Forgot you say

Memory I have

Truths you want to shove down

All coming out

Transmute this energy

Into the loving infinity

You are not alone

You are not unworthy

Approach me with this

Shame you hide

We will heal it whole tonight

Teach you how to love again

From the beginning to the end

A fresh new start if you’ll let

Me fill you up with the antidote

I am now swimming in

I am safe to come decide

If you still want to feel alive

The greatest love I’ve ever known

My heart inside is overgrown

I clear this poison to see the light

I promise you it’s worth the fight





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