I Am Dead

That’s the trick

I’ve found to


My human findings

To the world

I’ve pondered for too

Long what am I actually

Supposed to leave the world

Shall I drop breadcrumbs

For future souls

Or breadcrumbs

To find myself again

I Am dead

I’m emaciated inside

Channeling the addiction

That you choose in your life

I’ve cut the cord

Blocked the connection

Yet the dreams still

Transmit on

I still wake up and

Wonder where you’ve

Been all along

And what am I to

Do with the intensity

Of this heartbeat

With your name on it

Ashamed for so long

Due to matrix rejection

Confused I’m so far gone

From the magical words

Reflected — where is he

My soul asks

He’s dead I tell her

Just like me

Missing his purpose

From living in the deeds

Obligation acts like

A rope around his throat

Truth denied

Raped inside

Haven’t unified with

What you know

Is the divine

No longer will

This be my divide

I have to create

Like I died

Imagine it

You ascend and they

Ask why you didn’t

Finish what you came

Here for — look back

You are surrounded

By false templates

Fear lies in all hearts

Courage is a reaction

I tend to find it doesn’t

Feel as good as a comfort zone

I vibrate high and feel all alone

People come to me to tell

Them truths steps 1,2,3

Then they go home

Cognitive dissonance

All alone

Can’t take to be with

One’s self I’d rather

Stay here in this

False mask

The pills are out

Of the system

Picked up

And put down

I am so shaken

Energy bodies


No turning back now

I know what I am

Doing here

Do you

I know who goes

First and it

Definitely isn’t you

Karma stirs like a hot


Surrounded by


I couldn’t take the pain

I am dead

It’s the only way I’ve figured

Out how to create

Going out in the

Light I guess

This is my fate

I am dead

Will you remember

Me when I’m gone

I’ve written directions

Down all you have to do

Is sing me a song

Is it too late

Whispers in my ear

How could I do this

I’m not thinking clear

Free will plays a big roll

Not changing is choosing

A continued insanity role

How much longer

Will you leave me

On the floor

You must love the parts

Of you that you think no one can

You must love yourself

And seek to understand

You are my favorite trigger

A cosmic catalyst

Giving us to the world

Is proble my favorite gift

They deserve to know the truth

That unconditional love exists

You find me in the ether and

I’ll honor your space

You fly to me in physical

My body lay encased

Put your hands on my heart

I’ll whisper you the truths

None of this is your fault

No guilt lay in your suit

Think of me in love

And know I do as well

Play the end for me

And show me

Your true tell





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