When it comes to you

There is something

Inevitable about you

Coming in and running out

You always catch yourself

And turn around

I understand more

So I let you in

You could hurt me

But I’m sure I’ll live

Again to tell the tale

Unconditional means

Inevitable in the end

I wonder what you came

Here for — I’ve blocked

you out

So I can’t pick

up your 3D frequency

I can only see the one

You want to be

I guard myself

From who you

Choose to be

Sometimes it breaks

my heart

When I’m forced to

Wonder where you are

My soul asks me all the time

How you got so lost in this world

How things you never wanted

Have become what you think

Is your cure

The truth is inevitable

I have to see it in my

Deepest illusions

I don’t get to be ignorant

Like you

Pretend and pretend

This life is it

I remember

And it haunts me


This is all inevitable

I can see it through my day

I see what others cannot

I’m reminded constantly

That was your original thought

How does the person who wrote

The truth forget everything

Maybe it was your future self

After all using you to get to me

No wonder we’ve been so confused

All these years — it was him

Reminding me of the inevitable

Coming to get me

I surrender fully




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