I Know What I Have To Do

It’s spinning in my head

I try and make it go away

Comes rushing back

Reminding me I’m not

Living truthfully

Part of me wandering out there

Part of me dying in my head

I know what I have to do

How do I go

Where do I go

Will they love if I tell my truth

Years of lies must be confessed

Obligation cannot keep me

Cannot rest

Can’t keep filling myself

With poison to dull my truths

My ghost won’t let me

She feels me struggle to breathe

How have I become the silent one

Punch drunk off her authenticity

Feel like I’m being pulled

Maybe it’s me refusing

To believe I’ve been tugging

On her this whole time

I know what I have to do

I’m so scared to come to you

Melt into you

Like I once did for you

Come home the energy says

I’m unworthy is what I spiral

In my head

No matter what path I take

All roads lead back to her



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