Yeah I miss yoooooo

Where are you

My friend?

I can feel you

In this skin.

Where did you

Go my friend ?

I swear I had

You till

The End.

My love

You are weak

Come to me

No pride

Just confide

Like God

Intended me

To be

I’ll just listen

No judgement

Is what you


I know

I’m the part

You’ve been


It hurts.

Never felt

This bad



All the times

I told you

“The bed”

Was my floor?

Lay there

Fading into

The ceiling

Digging deeper

Finding no feeling

Never slowing

Down to face

What I’m dealing

Call to me

I hear you

Think of me

I am with you

Ask me to be

And I would

Fly to the moon

You are the one

My soul is in tune.

Deny me

It’s okay

I know

How to handle

Our dismay.

Send it to me

As long as a mile

I’ll ground it


& create new tile

You are

creating tainted


below my feet

I’m miles away

Showing you

This isn’t



Go back to the beat

Where We

found We.

Where you

found you

Where I

Sent you

When I

met you

I can heal you

Better than

You’ve ever

Healed me.

I told him

The truth

How I refuse to

Live without you

Now he’s waiting

To hear your

Voice too.

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