This Is a Siren’s Song

I say your name over the water

As soon as i sing it

It becomes a sirens song

It awe-lll escapes from me

Drips from me

Pours from me

Let me gift you my release

Heal me In these words

You speak

So close

Never far away again

Inside of me this

Division will finally end

Satisfy me deeply within

Your name escapes me

Like ecstasy

I inhale you like a life force

Im breathing in

Kundalini takes over me

Shiva and Shakti unifies

Him and I

Pushing and pulling

Twist me and drill deeper

Into the gift of me

I am infinity

You are my eternity

Die in me

Come alive you’

Come clarity

Rise from ashes of this

Burning flame of our ecstasy

Cleanse yourself in the love of me

Ground this insanity

Living in me

Hands around every part of me

Come inside to let me breathe

Stay inside to fulfill my

Euphoric needs

Move with me like the ocean

Rock with me like I am

Only water made for you

To wake in

Break in

Throw your faith in

Shake in

Take me in

Drown in me

I’ll sing to you

Push you down

Hold your breath

When you come inside

Open your mouth

Exhale this last

This last

This last

This last

This last

Inhale me in one more time

Deep inside

Open up show me what you hide

Show me the broken man inside

Let’s heal him for the last time

Bring him home to lay and confide

He’s safe here

No one will be mean to you here

I say your name over the water

As soon as I sing it

It becomes a sirens song

Drawing you in to your true state

I surrender Childs pose to my

Submissive state

Looking up at my dominant mate

I release the breaths I’ve

been begging to take

I honor

I worship

I exhale

This breath you must take

Is this what love is

You say watching me

Receive you fully

I the atmosphere

You my tree

Recycle this poison

Turn me into nectar

Root me in the ground

Every cell of our bodies

Reaching out to each other

Stay in me finish this division

Dig into me what I’ve been missing




Come alive in me

Move in me like

I’m the ocean only meant for you

I’ll awaken in you

I wont drag you down

If I do know that I’ll

Breathe for you

This is a sirens song

I sing it out over the water

Aquarian Water Bearer

It’s your muse

Are you coming in the water

Or am I coming up on land

Ariel of my island

I’ll spin and whisper

Your name until this seashell breaks

This is a sirens song

This is a sirens song

This is a sirens song




Set Adrift – Unlike Saturn

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