Opening my mind ——please come and visit

I express

My gratitude

To the universe

For the strength

I’ve found to

Tell the truth



Listen to their slick tongues

And have the strength to

Let them keep them

Try not

Yet I want to judge solely

On what they show me


Karma incarnate

When you condemn

Me to the version

You’ve created in your head

Of me



I’m opening my mind for you

Slitting my wrists properly

I never thought I would

Standing on this stage

Showing you after blood

And pain there the truth

Will always remain

Disassociate from yourself

Become someone else

The truth remains

Is reincarnation too far

Out for your brain?

Well maybe you’ll get it

Coming around the next


Better Luck Next Life

Is the way the song is sang

Unlike any planet I’ve known

Pluto of my soul

Laid to waste

I’ll pay this toll

Am I losing my sanity

Maybe to you

To me freeing myself

Of your agenda

The version in your head

I am not measuring up in

Fill this cup

You dump it out again

Tell me we can’t be friends

So many timelines

I could fold within

I guess I’m a little fucked up

From life but aren’t we all

Here I am only pure intent within

Opening my mind

Come home

10:11 pm




Sanity … 2:01 — 2:32 … spilt tea

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