The Sight

I’ve found

The sight again

And it showed

Me you

Showed me a


I’ve never been

Introduced to

A you I don’t know

Don’t like

Won’t grow

He’s flipping these

Pages with no

Answer in sight

He sees my name

And it gives him

Panic and delight

I can’t believe

What I saw

Picked up my phone

And threw up

On you

I’m so pissed

At what I just saw

You do

Have you faced

Your karma ?

Do you listen

To yourself ?

Your still going

And asking

Somebody else?!

Oh god

How I get it

I get it all

Too well

I see you

I see you

It puts me

Through hell

You are protected

But you push away

Your guidance

I can feel you

When you say those things

I promise you

I’m not so bad

You haven’t processed me

In all the years you’ve known


You haven’t processed me

I’m too woo woo

For your brain

Continue this path

I see you

Continue this thought


I fucking dare you

I’m not at mad at you

Just see so much more

Than the voices

You listen to

I see so much

That I’m confused

Which one is you

I want you here

But who are you?

I want you here

But who are you?

I’ll know it’s you

When you can finally

love yourself

I’ll know it’s you

When you won’t

Disappear again

I’ll know when your hot

Isn’t my cold

When my excitement

Isn’t met with a wall

It’s been lifetimes

And I’m still so

Patient with this

Binding truth.

3:36 PM

5:04 PM


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