Life is fickle

Life is exhilarating

Life is weird man

Life is a rollercoaster

Hang on



These are all things people

Have said to me along the way



I’m curious of what they’ve

Got themselves into

By the words they

Choose for me to hear

Especially the man

Who says

“Life is fickle”

Who have you been

Listening to?

What a shrouded

Tree you

Refuse to bloom

Seems like these

Roots will twist

Deeper & deeper

Until something


Find your true keeper



“Life is weird man”

The artist said

Scratching his head

With a golden smile

In bed

He rolls his eyes

Because his mind is

So alive

He’s the one

We’ve been rooting for

The one who questions

Kindly just curious

In his way confidently

Expresses himself

In immaculate ways

Any instrument he

Can make come alive

But his dark side

Is fickle and has

Become his demise

So I guess we’ll

Hang on to this

exhilarating ride

Fickle or freedom

I’d still make a run

To save him ,confide

To bring back the

Eyes of the one left inside

Dance in a field

And scream white snake

In my ear

Just to make sure you

Are alive again

Fickle play dead

Dormant as skin shed

Combine the two

And live with truth

Life is what you

Make it


Or not

Come back


To my favorite

Version of you

The authentic truth.

4:32 pm/8:35pm

June 28,2019

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