You seek me out

I’m terrified

Don’t know what your

Truth is anymore

Don’t know how to accept

Such an introduction as this

Do I want to run now

As I stand here frozen

Calm and collected

My heart is racing

Flashes of what you

Want are in my mind

As you approach me

My breath achieving ecstasy

As you come closer to me

A smile I recognize crosses your face

All your thoughts are mine

I’m drinking your energy

As you reintroduce yourself to me

I feel like an incubus song

Etheric as I stand in this crowd

You are such a wildcard

I’m so scared of what you do to me

My body moving Involuntarily

To the instructions of my left brain

Never trust him again

Never look his way again

This is The End I have chosen my friend

Here you are extending your hand to me

What am I supposed to do here

Pretend everything you did was okay

Forgetting me didn’t break a piece of me

What if you were to get on your knees

Would I believe you then

Would I see the truth in your eyes

Or believe once again I am entertained

By your sweet southern lies

I want to believe on a sunny day

That you are who you’ve said you are

All these years — my heart pounding

All she wants is the truth

It doesn’t have to be me ya know

I don’t have to be the forever you

Possessively seek

Our perspectives have to be different

Don’t you see

Destiny is what we want it to be

I’d submit everything if I were claimed

I’d submit my truth like a devotion

That finally gets to lay open

The sound of creation would spring from me

I am under lock and key

No one can unlock this except for

The masculine part of me

What a wildcard you are

Haven’t you learned yet

Pushing it further down

Makes for a better fireworks show

What am I to do with all these

Riddles and rhymes in my head

What am I to do when I miss

Harmonizing with your kiss

Some never experience bliss

Never know this

You are like music to me

I am more sorry I walked away

From it than you

Music never hurt me

Like this

Music always healed the misunderstandings

Of your compulsive lips

You have your own stream in my head

Don’t know when this started

I had to have been a kid

Your spirit a protector

I had no clue

I’ve pushed you away more than

I want to admit

I’m not mad at what you did

Just wish you’d build a language

With yourself

Wish I could trust you




Look how old we are now

Living so far

Physical drifting further

Spirit in union I see

Your wounds showing up

In my dreams

You must be learning how to heal

Since you come to me at night

And ask me to place my hands on your heart

My compassion will not deny you

You don’t have me here much longer

Such a long life ahead you have

Take care of your vessel my wildcard

The music has me and won’t let go

A guitarist with a similar soul

Is on the prowl

He will take me from you

And you will let him

Like you always do

Too busy claiming others

Your ego wants

I could never be enough for him

He wants too much of this world

I have to send you love as I look away

I have to write this out

Because I’ll be dead one day

All the grief you battle with silently

Here I’ve written all the answers

I am dead writing to you

These are not confessions

These are life lessons

You know eternal love already

It is me friend

Breathe in

It’s me

Breathe out

Wrapping myself around you

I send all protection and peace to you

Now until the end of your reincarnation cycle


June 11th 2022

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