Everything is the Last

I must take this in

One last time

This is my end

My true divine

I must breathe this in

It is my last ride

Been away from home

Too long

Need to rest my head

From where I roam

Everything is the last

Every step I take

One step closer to my fate

Everything is the last

Last lesson

Last ascension

Last impression

Push me up against the glass

Don’t waste time hating yourself

Love him like no one else can

This is my last — dear friend

The truth pours out of my chest

And I almost have nothing

Left to hide

I am writing for the last time

Getting all of this out

To clear up this divide

Seeing you again would

Be a dream completed

So divine

Feeling you again

Would make me blow my mind

My peace has been made

With the life you chose

Not mine

Everything is the last

So enjoy it all while you can

Know that my compassion

Will outlast the poison

That was infused within

I’ve turned it into nectar

A taste from the other side

Everything is the last

Love you forever

This is my last time

Meet me in my evolution

There the answer to

Long term love

Truly resides

May 4 2022


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