You are no longer yours ——-

I guess I should

Tell you it’s okay

Standing and staring

At such disarray

What a mess you’ve made

Can’t come and scold a child

Your victim mindset it too much for me

Your badge of honor tainting your blood

A glass house built from mud



What a miracle this is

To be apart of these gifts

To see such a vision come so true

Reminds me of the day I met you

I was blind

You made me see

Into the abyss

Of infinity

Now here you are

Such a man

Giving in and giving

What a humbled servant you are

Lighting up a room wherever you are

Playing music near and far

Covering for those who stab your heart

Makes the strings bleed on stage

Makes your heart sing with rage

What a miracle all of this is

I’m humbled by the light within

Humbled to find the truth within



I would hide from me too

If you woke up first

You’d give me the space I need

1 for you — 1 for her

Here we are hearts so pure



Mad yet I see past your worldly


Mad yet I don’t give a Shit of your

Labels you bow down to

Mad yet I can’t love you as much

As I want to — telling me to fuck off yet



I feel you haunt my chest

Use me when you aren’t your best

Hide in me — true confess

I hid from you too after I told you

My limited truth — manic respect

Hang up the phone — I’m so done with you

Cutting this cord — I must be through

Feel alone my cosmic mess

You haven’t even felt loneliness yet

Wait till it suffocates your chest

When they reach for you and violation

Is all that’s felt — you are no longer yours

Can’t be mine — I think I’m done letting

You in this time — wander for years —

Dare to find yourself — strum a guitar and

Confess to yourself — write a song that

Makes it effortless — unblock the natural

Flow of your hearts caress



Swim down below and find yourself

If you don’t then a glass house is

What is left — do not evolve

Pass your trauma to someone else

Give your children your contempt

You think it’s all about money

Using your gift as a over rung towel

Using your bitch as you run into the ground



Mad yet

Imagine how it feels

To see clear

Imagine how it feels

To feel you poison me

From afar

Imagine knowing negativity

Is intently sent from your car

Family you say

Poison I see

Don’t you see

I’m trying to live

So let me be

Don’t come and tell me it’s me

I’ll believe you

Always do

I let you love and murder me every-time

Feels so good when you bite me

I remember your intentions

From the start

Proble makes you mad I can’t

Be what you want

No arm candy here to flaunt

I’d rather hold you accountable

To your true self

If you’ve killed him then you’ll

Know why I can’t come around

A stranger wearing my old friends face

What a miracle lay encased

I used to grieve but now I see too much

Enjoy the agenda your living on

Enjoy the divide you live your life on

Don’t forget to leave my favorite part

Outside your house — he isn’t welcome

Where you are — I’ll take him

let him grow — remind him what

He came here for — erase the shame

With the ever flow

For now let these times sink in

I have Union to connect with

Wish you could’ve seen this

You are too busy hiding

Cloudy eyes — too programmed

To feel inside — apathy you must reside

Have no fear — the unconditional love is here

Let them teach you what you lack

Don’t look at her and wish it was me

Stay there and prove to society that’s

Where you want to be — I’ll be up there

Floating effortlessly — I’ll be up there

No body I need to repair

You could’ve saved me one last time

Given the world a show unifying

The divine — I love you enough

To honor your free will

I love you enough to let this go

And sit still — love you enough

To continuously get killed



I find peace knowing

This is my last incarnation

Won’t weep at time lost that has past

I promise I forgive you

For what you did and didn’t know

You did to me — too much gratitude

To turn away from the light

I won’t get caught up

On all the ways I fought for you

Protected you — let them drive a dagger

Into me so it wouldn’t effect you —

Non locality came true

I’ll stay away to protect you

You can find peace in the fact that

My memory will be wiped clean

So don’t you worry about me










December 17th 2021

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