Hold Your Breath

I was thinking

Maybe today I would leave

Maybe today is the day

Where I pull all of my energy away

Maybe today I’ll give myself some peace

From this cloudiness that is inflicting

My brain — if I am a receiver

Then what am I receiving this time

My soul is so old

So tired — I wanna be wrapped up

In the divine mothers arms

So sick of this division

So sick of the ending of humanity

At our own hands yet we all

Put them up in the air

Such weakness plagues

The divine in us all

Break this programming

I can’t take this anymore

I’ve dropped to my knees

Screaming in pain

Can’t stand this anymore

I’m filled with rage

Like the water is coming up

Over my head — is this my last

Breath or have I finally found

A way to breathe under water

I separate myself from this divide

I separate my soul from the part

I choose to hide

I hope you enjoy all your worldly things

Hope you don’t burn up with the world

I am a hybrid can’t always embody

The clear sight of unconditional love

Sometimes I’d rather watch you learn

You can’t touch me

Come to me

Call me

I’ve blocked the union of this energy

Maybe today I’m just releasing the pain

I’ve refused to release for years

Releasing the confusion of your words

From all the times

Are you Jekyll or Hyde

I used to care — used to love

Now your apart of the poisonous

Karmic divide — all I want is to come home

Today I really want to go home

Hold my breath and see something else

Hold my breath and cut this cord

Hold my breath and give nothing else

It’s tiring to be so unseen

So tiring to miss being apart of belong

My soul screams at me like Medusa today

So many dark parts that originated

From the light — I stand and hold myself

Like no one can — opening myself

To the future I plan for myself

Today is one of those days

Where too many truths are bubbling up

Today is one of those days where

Peace follows my darkness & dismay

April 18th 2022


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