Literally Forgot I Was Human

Here I am Standing infront Of the music again Swaying and laying down What doesn’t serve me This bond will never end . . Incubus took me away this time Took me to places that take me Back to me Aligned with the universe You and me is what I see Stellar — can you... Continue Reading →

Where is this—————— Music coming from

The civil wars Sing in my head I always wonder Where this music Comes from I never press play Someone sends it to me They know I communicate In music I appreciate these guides Helping me release what Suffocates me on the inside “Please tell me you know” They always play it at the Perfect... Continue Reading →

Look Up

Sometimes I sit Up on a mountain Top with you High above the clouds I laugh and stare at The human in you Make fun of the earthly Things we do Play pretend this Isn’t happening again Down there I’m far away From myself right now These weeks are kicking My souls ass Silencing the... Continue Reading →

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