I Am The Rehab

My friends are hurting again A piece of my soul aches Out in the world Learning his lessons The methadone has got him Mixing with the alcohol again Too many plugs Not enough hugs I can feel him so low He needs music Needs to feel again My friend isn’t well Talked to him today... Continue Reading →

I .. .. You

I hear the guitar Ring out I love you My hips start to sway The way I’ve always Wanted them to Freedom has risen in me Broke these chains that Hindered me Puked up the poison That has long devastated me Sorry I had to leave I love you I swear Write me a song... Continue Reading →


As much as I Mourn this loss with you I see clearly I cannot Do conditions with you Can’t wake up And check if you still Love me as much as I love you Can’t take up your free time When I know you need to grow The human in me is in agony Letting... Continue Reading →

123456 — 654321

If I saw a loss Is the loss pouring out of you ? Hands shaking People who once loved Are now just fighting and taking . . Maybe it’s best to not know this you You’ve worked so hard But does it mean what you’ve Worked for was the greener pasture You were supposed to... Continue Reading →

✨I 🔮 Left ✨

You know I had an ex Who convinced me I wasn’t good enough That I wouldn’t survive Without him . I had an ex who Convinced me just enough I was “good enough” For him But no one else It made me cave right in I never knew what love was I was convinced this... Continue Reading →

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