Free Will

How does she Hold so much space in her chest for All these seeds They haven’t fully Sprouted in parts Of her garden Others almost Like Jack the bean Stalk so tall Ready to climb Up and fly Before she falls How does she hold Me in her chest It isn’t easy She told me... Continue Reading →

A Poem Left Unfinished

So impressed But so depressed Walking around Heart blocked on chest Spiraling thoughts I think I’m less I cannot reach What I can’t confess Let me sit down And settle this mess I’m right here Don’t look at the ground My arms around you Singing so loud Erasing the pain Removing the stain Forgiving the... Continue Reading →

Far Fetched

I wanted you to keep up Now you’re far behind And I’m a myth in your mind Far fetched these things I do The truth is my embodiment now I am human I slip up and fail My awareness is helping me Break free — ask myself Why did I do that Retrain my brain... Continue Reading →

Some Truth

I think all I ever Wanted was a true friend Someone who saw who I was till the end Someone that I trusted to Step in Someone I was safe with To rest my head I think I always wanted an Old friend Someone who could Sense my discomfort And knew where it Stemmed from... Continue Reading →

Prepare Yourself For Me

Picture it The wind blowing Through my hair Eyes sparkling Like I’ve always Known you’ve cared The trees breeze tropical Behind me I see you panting Wanting to just crawl Toward me What do you want from me Preparing yourself for me Licking your wounds I’m letting you breathe Oh how I give mercy to... Continue Reading →

What Is It Like

I’ve been wondering Lately what it feels like To have a home Not only a home to live in But one to visit like I’ve lived there all along Can you tell me what it’s like To visit your old bedroom When you go back to your roots What is it like to have parents... Continue Reading →

Infinity Rescue

I’m in the fire I wish I could call I feel like I’m in quick sand Please help come pull If you can’t come in person Throw a rope and pull I’ll throw one towards you Infinity sign through the United States lines I’m in the fire I wish you would call Tell me the... Continue Reading →

I Watched You Change

When the day comes You set your pride aside I have the opportunity for you When you’ve caught up to your ego And put a collar around him I have what you need What you’ve been longing for All these years The music you want to make Is finally here The space we needed Closes... Continue Reading →

Loneliness Has A Purpose

I’ve come to find No distraction around To hinder my progress within Wether I have started or just began I am feeling the pull from My old soul again The loneliness isn’t me I’m not missing anything The loneliness is my soul Yelling to try and get to me Tugging and tugging On these falsities... Continue Reading →

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